jongkook: we’re kwangsoo’s emergency contact.

manager: so you’re here to pick him up?

jihyo: we’re here to be removed as his emergency contact.


“Most thankful to our members who have been by my side for ten years, Sukjin hyung, our Jihyo, Sechanie, Sominie, Haha, Kwangsoo, Jongkookie. Actually, these ten years that we’ve been together, we were met with lots of hardships, but throughout we depend on each other while working hard and shedding sweat together, which I’m really grateful for. And to all Running Man fans who have been supporting us, I’d like to take this chance to sincerely thank them too. 

… although there’s a lot I want to mention, within RM guests I can’t help but think of our Goo Hara and Sulli, who unfortunately left us this year. I hope they can comfortably do what they want to do to their heart’s content in heaven. I’d like to convey my gratitude to them here as well.” -Jaesuk


this is what happens when you make kwang soo and ji hyo share anything


me after every holiday


We congratulate and fear her when she is in a drama


‘Apocalypse Survivors’ versus ‘The Unlucky Ones’




The one where everybody minus Jae Suk was so happy and relieved that they wouldn’t have to have water dumped onto their heads


Jong-kook and Ji-hyo scaring everybody — Running Man 261