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jongkook: i suppose i have a slight tendency to be a bit critical.

jihyo: suppose?

jaesuk: slight??

somin: tendency???

kwangsoo: a bit????

jongkook: do you accept constructive criticism?

kwangsoo: no

jaesuk: wait a minute! you don’t go towards the weird, scary sound!

jongkook: yeah, we do. we always do.

jaesuk: right, i hate that about us!

jaesuk: i have been building kwangsoo’s trust for years with high-fives. today i’m going to hit him with “too slow”

jaesuk: welcome to the real world, kwangsoo

jaesuk: ATTENTION!

jihyo: what now, jaseuk?

jaesuk: i don’t know, i just need attention

kwangsoo: jihyo, that was a stop sign

jihyo: i’ll stop twice on the way back

jihyo: can you get me some advil?

kwangsoo: don’t talk to me, i’m famous

jihyo: please just go i have a headache

kwangsoo: okay, anything for my fans

jaesuk: do you think misquitoes ever dare their friends to bite someone with bug spray on?

sukjin: no, because misquitoes don’t have the mind to be able to communicate in such complex ways

jaesuk: oh, i’m sorry. i didn’t know you were the world’s top misquito expert. excuse me

sechan: what if instead of moaning when you orgasmed you yodeled

kwangsoo: what do you mean what if

haha: do you ever wonder what your last words will be?

gary: no need to wonder. my last word will be “finally” for sure