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kwangsoo: i think….i have feelings for you.

somin: i think i have feelings for you too!

narrator: that feeling was “friendship,” but neither had ever experienced it before.

kwangsoo: thanks dad!

kwangsoo: …why is everyone staring at me?

somin: you just called jaesuk “dad.” you said, “thanks, dad.”

kwangsoo: what? no, i didn’t! i said “thanks, man.”

jaesuk: do you see me as a father figure, kwangsoo?

kwangsoo: no, if anything, i see you as a brother, because you sometimes annoy me!

jihyo: hey, show your father some respect!

jongkook: all of my snacks are organic.

jaesuk: that’s cool. we eat candy off the floor.

jaesuk: now, what’s the most important thing to remember during an earthquake?

kwangsoo: to have fun and be yourself

kwangsoo: you are my best friend in the whole world. we even share a toothbrush!

joongki: [looking repulsed] we do?

kwangsoo, opening a capri sun: i guess i’ll just drink my sorrows away

sechan: anyone else feel like this?

kwangsoo: like what?

sechan: HHHHHHHNGHUY7UHJDSF’;L,HEEWIJ4HUR8EWFUGUTI[F]D-FDFOPIOBV89VNURED^&*uih$btuIRDJNHgtyuhfjldgjkhudrouiflkcnxjhhslxdgugftghjklmnjhgtfghjk;l,mnbhdfghjnm,./’;098765IU87467E8IDJSNJBHGTY6&*(oi*&^%$$erdftgyhujJHUYFIJ54HUYR7FUDICnjdhygtyuifktgnhbgfdcyufirj4k5nj4hryfugtg’f;l,.[]-cfoijufy7trey4uehrjfdv(IUYTRFGHJ,,,,jfudik

kwangsoo: yea

jongkook: stay out of trouble

kwangsoo: that’s not really my strong suit

kwangsoo: so would u say you slightly hate me or completely hate me?

jongkook: yes

kwangsoo: it was multiple choice but okay noted

sechan, to somim: how dumb do they think we are?

kwangsoo: sometimes jongkook and jihyo leave me pictures of food instead of a shopping list