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kwangsoo: i’m such an idiot




kwangsoo: you’re supposed to disagree

sechan: oh

jihyo: don’t overreact

jaesuk, already digging his grave and shovelling dirt on himself: i’m not

jongkook: i’m asking you to let it go

jaesuk: and i really wish i was the kind of person who could do that

somin, drunk: do u think birds get sad bc they don’t have arms?

jihyo: do u get sad bc u don’t have wings?

somin, choked up: every day

kwangsoo: it’s not gonna work. i’m not a snitch!

jaesuk, a cop: fine, let’s try something else. tag a friend you recently robbed a a bank with

kwangsoo, pulling out his phone: LMAOOOOOOO @SOMIN THIS THE FUNNIEST SHIT

somin: come over
kwangsoo: i can’t my car only has three wheels
somin: do u have a tricycle
kwangsoo: you were supposed to say “but my parents aren’t home”
somin: i was distracted by your tricycle
kwangsoo: ok start over
somin: ok
somin: come over
kwangsoo: i can’t my car only has three wheels
somin: what color is your tricycle
kwangsoo: fuck you

kwangsoo: can you pass the salt?
jongkook: can you pass your classes?
kwangsoo: too much salt

kwangsoo: okay google, how do i get revenge on those who have forsaken me?

google: living well and letting go


kwangsoo: bing, how do i-

haha: hey, nerd

kwangsoo: [turns towards him] what?

haha: haha, i said nerd and you looked

kwangsoo: i looked because you did the “hey, nerd,” thing to me, like, six months ago

haha: did you look then?

kwangso: …yeah

haha: haha

kwangsoo: hey i think i like you

somin: like as friends?

kwangsoo: no, like, more than that

somin: so you wanna be best friends?