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gary: permission to take a selfie of the two of us, hyung?

jongkook: permission denied.

gary, snapping a picture: too late!

gary: new plan! no plan, we wing it!

gary: probably won’t work, but i said it with a lot of confidence.

jihyo: you could’ve died, jaesuk!

jaesuk: i wasn’t hurt that badly. the doctors said all the bleeing was internal – that’s where the blood’s supposed to be.

haha: looking back on it, i have no regrets

jongkook: you should.

haha: looking back on it, i have no regrets

jongkook: you should

gary: jihyo freaked out cuz i told her i never drink water, so now she’s making me drink 8 glasses a day. it’s like, there’s water in soda, there’s water in coffee, there’s little pools of water on pizza-

jongkook: that’s grease, gary.

gary: well it’s wet, isn’t it?

joongki: what’s going on with your face?

kwangsoo: i hate seeing you like this, so i’m flexing my eyes real hard to keep from crying

jihyo: [types] you don’t have to sign your name on texts

sukjin: [types] dear jihyo, suggestion noted. sincerely, ji sukjin

jaesuk to jongkook: so you chose your dad over me, your co-worker who hates you?

jongkook: well, i for one think that you and somin are perfect for each other

kwangsoo: feel like there’s gonna be more

jongkook: because you’re both losers

kwangsoo: there it is