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Jaesuk: Somin, do you want to try?

Running Man cast:
→  Lee Kwang Soo 

“I like to dance but…”

We can still see you…

Sexy dance

Jihyo trying to do aegyo and failing

Running Man cast:
→  Song Ji Hyo

“He told me, ‘I’ll show you what kind of guy I am. As long as you say yes, I’ll throw away all the sides of me that you don’t like and go to you. You don’t know me that well right now. I’ll throw it all away and go to you.’ But I didn’t say anything, so he opened the door and tried to leave the car. So like a movie, I said, ‘Then show me.’ And so we became a couple as of that day. When I was leaving, he said ‘Thank you’ and grabbed my face and kissed my lips.” – Byul