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haha: looking back on it, i have no regrets

jongkook: you should.

haha: looking back on it, i have no regrets

jongkook: you should

gary: jihyo freaked out cuz i told her i never drink water, so now she’s making me drink 8 glasses a day. it’s like, there’s water in soda, there’s water in coffee, there’s little pools of water on pizza-

jongkook: that’s grease, gary.

gary: well it’s wet, isn’t it?

jaesuk: the running man team is competent.

kwangsoo, rushing in: hyung! somin tried to make pasta in the coffee pot and broke everything!

jaesuk: now it’s time for some witty, back and forth banter. you go first.

kwangsoo: [screams]

jaesuk: look, i’m not sure where to go with that

jaesuk: wait a minute! you don’t go towards the weird, scary sound!

jongkook: yeah, we do. we always do.

jaesuk: right, i hate that about us!

joongki: what’s going on with your face?

kwangsoo: i hate seeing you like this, so i’m flexing my eyes real hard to keep from crying

gary: i have this science headcanon-

jongkook: why can’t you just say hypothesis like a normal person?

gary: so, my science headcanon is-

jaesuk: now, what’s the most important thing to remember during an earthquake?

kwangsoo: to have fun and be yourself

jihyo: if you talk to me again, i will drop a mountain on you

kwangsoo: you mean figuratively?

jihyo: no, i mean geologically