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kwangsoo: i think….i have feelings for you.

somin: i think i have feelings for you too!

narrator: that feeling was “friendship,” but neither had ever experienced it before.

jongkook: i suppose i have a slight tendency to be a bit critical.

jihyo: suppose?

jaesuk: slight??

somin: tendency???

kwangsoo: a bit????

haha, barging into gary’s room: jongkook said it’s my turn to use the braincell now

jaesuk: i saw the body. you killed that man!

kwangsoo: no, i didn’t!

jaesuk: kwangsoo, premeditated murder is one thing, but i will not have lying in this office

kwangsoo: thanks dad!

kwangsoo: …why is everyone staring at me?

somin: you just called jaesuk “dad.” you said, “thanks, dad.”

kwangsoo: what? no, i didn’t! i said “thanks, man.”

jaesuk: do you see me as a father figure, kwangsoo?

kwangsoo: no, if anything, i see you as a brother, because you sometimes annoy me!

jihyo: hey, show your father some respect!

gary: permission to take a selfie of the two of us, hyung?

jongkook: permission denied.

gary, snapping a picture: too late!

gary: new plan! no plan, we wing it!

gary: probably won’t work, but i said it with a lot of confidence.

jongkook: all of my snacks are organic.

jaesuk: that’s cool. we eat candy off the floor.

jongkook: do you accept constructive criticism?

kwangsoo: no

jihyo: you could’ve died, jaesuk!

jaesuk: i wasn’t hurt that badly. the doctors said all the bleeing was internal – that’s where the blood’s supposed to be.