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I just want to say thank you so much for not hating on the new members and including the 9012 too. I have seen a lot of unnecessary hate (especially for Somin) so seeing your blog has made me feel better. I really like the new members and I hate the fact that some fans aren’t as accepting as you are so I just want to say thank you!! ❤️❤️

Of course we gonna include new members!! Yeah it is really unfortunately that Somin gets so much hate…

It’s nice to hear that our blog made you feel better :)! I’ll try make some gifs of Somin and Sechan too soon!! So you can see them on your dash. 

hi do you know what is the name of the soundtrack for when jingoo and haha about to do the horse race? :)

Conquest of Paradise

Hi, do you know what was the song at the end of episode 182, that started at the moment Irene came out and revealed herself? Thank you !

Deli Spice-Chau Chau

Hey hey hey :D do you know where to buy the duffel coats that running man wore in ep 181?

Sorry I don’t know.. T.T

Anyone? #HELP

do you think song joong ki will ever return to running man, either as a guest or a permanent cast member?? :-( i miss him so much

I don’t know whether he will, but I remember what he said in his last episode forever.. So I trust he will..


I’ll return in a much better condition to Running Man again…

Hey just want to ask something. Is the first episode of emergency man and woman already out?

Yes.. Yesterday was the first Ep and today is the second Ep 🙂

I know you will ask for the link for Eng sub too lol so I’ll provide it here

hi! i was wondering which episode you would recommend as the funniet episode where lee kwang so bretays people anything will do really! I haven’t seen many of them lately and I would like to.

The funniest episode where KS betrays? Hmm.. I can’t really remember which episode he betrayed…

But if you are asking about the funniest episode.. I don’t know whether what makes me laugh will make you laugh too.. 

For those really really really old episodes, Ep1-Ep40/Ep50 I’m laughing like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (non-stop and almost can’t breathe)

After Ep40/Ep50, I’m laughing like hahahahahahahahahhaahahahaha (I can breathe)

Then recent episodes, I’m laughing like haha, -___- peaceful face, haha -__- peaceful face, haha… 

I think it’s because I can control myself well now but not RM isn’t that funny anymore 😀

If you really need me to list you the funniest…. I will choose Ep20


do you know of any monday couple biased blogs?(:

the only one we follow is siwohandro