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“You should stay an actress.”

haha, barging into gary’s room: jongkook said it’s my turn to use the braincell now

a time where we had quality eng subs thanks to isubs

gary: permission to take a selfie of the two of us, hyung?

jongkook: permission denied.

gary, snapping a picture: too late!

gary: new plan! no plan, we wing it!

gary: probably won’t work, but i said it with a lot of confidence.

gary: jihyo freaked out cuz i told her i never drink water, so now she’s making me drink 8 glasses a day. it’s like, there’s water in soda, there’s water in coffee, there’s little pools of water on pizza-

jongkook: that’s grease, gary.

gary: well it’s wet, isn’t it?

gary: i have this science headcanon-

jongkook: why can’t you just say hypothesis like a normal person?

gary: so, my science headcanon is-

jaesuk: hey, i’m so glad you could join us!

gary: well…haha, you know, i live here

gary: say biscuit three times

kwangsoo: biscuit biscuit biscuit

gary: haha

kwangsoo: what was that supposed to do?

gary: nothing, you just look dumb

haha: do you ever wonder what your last words will be?

gary: no need to wonder. my last word will be “finally” for sure