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Can we pls talk about the male members dressed as females?! LMAO, I absolutely love cute Yoo Jennie and Seok ja😂😂😂…

I honestly would bring Seok Ja home, feed her a nice meal and put her to bed. 

I love when they really get into character and argue 

That gif with Jae Suk with a moustache is hilarious😂😂😂Love your blog btw…RM FIGHTING!

seriously… i love that we have so many precious gems in our history~


Unpopular opinion: Jae Suk is actually pretty hansome and cute👀

wait a min lmao

now u wrong in this

that’s a very popular opinion


I esp. love when they let him dress up 😀

Hey! 🙂 Please write more about Somin and Kwangsoo, I can't get enough of them. They're so considerate of each other <3 And about the thing when the cast members jump to defend Somin, can we get an gifset? That would be awesome!

Okay wow okay okay okay lets do this LET’S GET IT

1) Somin always, ALWAYS trusts Kwangsoo!!! Even after being betrayed by him hundreds of times she’ll always turn around and trust him again? And then he betrays her again and everyone is like “honestly how did you not see that coming” but then she trusts him again!!!! my heart can’t take it

2) You always see her feeding him and him feeding her. I remember there was one episode where only the MongDol sisters were allowed to eat and you can see Somin in the background feeding Kwangsoo- even tho he explicitly wasn’t allowed to! And when they fight over food they’re the only two that literally put their hands into each other’s mouths (besides jaesuk/gwangsoo)??? Like if that’s not comfortable then idk what is.

3) They’re literally always touching each other??? The only other people that Somin touches as much are Sechan and Jihyo. And even tho she’s hella comfortable with Jaesuk and Sukjin, they’re still a tier below on the touch scale. Kwangsoo is ALWAYS lowkey messing with her and bumping her, petting her shoulder/arms/back and there was one episode where he was just flipping her hair in the background??? TWICE??? like two hours apart!!! And he always has that dumb look on his face like he’s so happy but also so comfortable.

4) Kwangsoo got drunk… and showed up at Somin’s house… and slept in her parent’s house. Honestly. What. else. needs. to. be. said. And her parents are like okay with this!!! They love him!!! They shippin their daughter with him!!

5) Somin moved to a new place and called Kwangsoo to come and help her??? Not Sechan?? Not other friends?? Not her muscular af brother?? (ok sure I’m sure her brother was around but-) KWANGSOO

6) “Three generations of your family will fail!” – “THEN I’LL MARRY YOU!”

Isn’t it about time we see Sechan and Somin together in a couple race? The two of them are besties in reality, and are always taking care of each other on the show too. I can understand them not teaming up too much when both of them first started on Running Man, but now it’s been some time, and I’d like to see them join up together on the show too. And by the way, also like you, I love seeing Somin and the two Ajhussis. And Jae Suk and Somin should win a couple award. Such a funny combo!

You’re right!!! I would love to see them together <3 Honestly I feel like Sechan tends to mold his personality a little bit to whoever he is partnered with, but he’s truly unfiltered with Somin!!! It’s so precious and I def need more of it!

omg it's amazing to see a rm blog still up and running! what are your thoughts on how rm has shifted throughout the years from the departure of gary to the addition of somin and sechan?

hi!!! there’s plenty of blogs still up and running!! (pun intended lol) I guess I took a long ass break (for grad school lol) but I’m back (sort of… adult life doesnt exactly let me blog regularly)

THANK YOU for sticking around <3

Honestly, HONESTLY, let’s talk about this-

Gary leaving left me devastated and I stopped watching for a long time. There’s still plenty of moments where I’m like “Oh my god I wish I could see Gary’s reaction to this–”

BUT- he’s happy!! And he’s loving his life as a father and husband and that warms my heart more than anything. If I had to choose between him being on the show and miserable or him being off the show and happy, I would always choose the latter- a hundred times over.

Somin and Sechan are perfect for the show. When I watched their first episode I was honestly so hesitant bc I was like “wow what if this is horrible?” – And then they tricked Kwangsoo into dumping a water bomb on himself and I was like “oh lol they will fit right in.”

Somin actually fulfills a lot of my Running Man dreams that I carried for so long! Having another girl on the show is the kind of comfort I have ALWAYS wanted for Jihyo, and we finally get it in the form of Mong-Dol sisters (i would die for them fight me rn lets go). Idk if you’ve noticed, but Jihyo and Somin are always hugging each other, hanging onto each other, looking after each other, feeding each other and giggling in their own corner- even when they’re not on the same team!!! Somin is literally Jihyo’s biggest fan and always cheering her on (again, even when they’re not on the same team) and Jihyo is SUPER protective of Somin (see my previous post on how she protects her from people giving her crap). Mong-Dol is truly my biggest dream come true.

Somin and the two Ahjussis??? ICONIC. FUCKING ICONIC. I cannot believe we have been blessed with not one but two (2!!) trips of Jaesuk, Sukjin and Somin traveling to Japan and struggling with missions together. They are SO precious together. PEAK 2018 mood is Sukjin saying “Oh you’re doing so well Sominnie! I don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, but you’re doing it well!!!” 

Also. I will probably need another post altogether about Somin and Kwangsoo… how they’re always touching each other, and feeding each other and talking in the background and giggling together.

Somin and Sechan are also precious together!!! I love how no matter what they’re always in each other’s corner! Somin is always looking out for him and feeding him and Sechan is ALWAYS one of the first ones to come to her defense when someone rags on her. It melts my heart and I love them.

Sechan himself is such a gem! He fits so well with everyone and I love that he’s like a) a lil bit dumb and b) a lot bit unlucky. But one thing that he ALWAYS ALWAYS does is take care of everyone’s feelings! He’s always making sure the members are having fun and no one is getting too stressed or upset, and he does it by sacrificing his own image often times. He’s so precious and I probably need another post just for him lol bc this is getting too long.

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RIGHTTTTT LMAO also wow omg how precious that they’re all always like lowkey worried about sukjin and how he’s holding up BLESS 

Have you watched the latest episode yet? Sukjin was such an embarrassing ahjussi I loved it

honest to god when is he not??? and when do I not love him???

I've got to say, I really love your blog. I apologise for stalking it but it's only because it's so good. Thanks and keep it up!! <3

This is a TWO YEAR OLD ASK lmao I honestly have no words except I’m sorry?

I find it comforting this blog is still here as an archive for the older episodes and people can come and browse as they wish. It’s good to see you passing thru here, even years later.

A testament to the gravity of Running Man, its cast and message <3