Category: ha donghoon

haha, barging into gary’s room: jongkook said it’s my turn to use the braincell now

haha: looking back on it, i have no regrets

jongkook: you should.

haha: looking back on it, i have no regrets

jongkook: you should

jongkook: don’t look directly at them! just glance around the room a little

haha: glance around the room?

jongkook: yeah, just use your eyes…be subtle. be small

haha, trying not to turn his haid too much: my eyes, they slant down. i don’t have good peripheral

haha: tell me not to do something and i will do it twice and take pictures


jihyo: i’m making dinner tonightt you should come over

haha: okay sure yes

jihyo: i’m making spaghetti and meatballs

haha: swaghetti and meatballs

jihyo: you’re uninvited

haha: that’s fair

haha: hey, nerd

kwangsoo: [turns towards him] what?

haha: haha, i said nerd and you looked

kwangsoo: i looked because you did the “hey, nerd,” thing to me, like, six months ago

haha: did you look then?

kwangso: …yeah

haha: haha

jaesuk: [texting the groupchat] everyone have a great day!

haha: why

jaesuk: why? because i love my family?

haha: so

haha: hyung, can we talk, one 10 to another?

jaesuk: i’m an 11, but continue

haha: wyd? ???

gary: lyin in bed pretending to be a slug