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Tfw you realise that the age gap between Beyon…

Tfw you realise that the age gap between Beyoncé and Jay-Z is the same as Ji hyo and Jae Suk's age difference. Also, my art teacher whose children I've babysat and who I also see as a mother figure (or aunt) is the same age as Kwang Soo…I'm 17…0_0 My perception of time is messing with me

honestly jayz is a downgrade for beyonce and you all can fight me on that.

also, kwangsoo will never be taken as a serious adult so I don’t think that’s your fault dear

Have you been watching the new episodes? Do yo…

Have you been watching the new episodes? Do you like them? I honestly love ji suk jin even more recently

honestly there is no day of the week I don’t love Sukjin but I’m told I am biased so… /shrug emoji

What episode is this.

What episode is this.


lend me a reference first, anon. :’)

When are the new admins coming in???

there are already 2 new admins! 

Thank you for your gifs and for this amazing blog ????

Omg thank yoou for this kind message!! 

I just want to say thank you so much for not hating on the new members and including the 9012 too. I have seen a lot of unnecessary hate (especially for Somin) so seeing your blog has made me feel better. I really like the new members and I hate the fact that some fans aren’t as accepting as you are so I just want to say thank you!! ❤️❤️

Of course we gonna include new members!! Yeah it is really unfortunately that Somin gets so much hate…

It’s nice to hear that our blog made you feel better :)! I’ll try make some gifs of Somin and Sechan too soon!! So you can see them on your dash.