update: 500

sooooo ive hit 500 followers and we’re well past that now, and while it doesnt seem like a lot of followers, this blog started off so slow and im so proud :’) also i promised you guys as well as myself a while back that i’d do something for 500 and you guys are such an amazing audience and group of people so heres some options if anyone wants to do anything at all???

• q and a

• a series of rm as vines

• a series of rm as things my friends and i say

• a crack oneshot

comment or reblog an answer (or tell me!!) if you guys want anything at all!!!! if you dont thats fine lol because i was thinking maybe a face reveal at 1k ? 👀👀👀 who knows!!! anyway guys sorry for all the non-quotes stuff and i have more quotes coming up tonight, so dont worry. my inbox and messages are always open <3

– janey